Alumni Spotlight: Troy Driggers

Starting today, we will be doing an “Alumni Spotlight” on select Thursdays throughout the year. Selected alumni will be asked to answer a few questions about their experiences with Kappa Kappa Psi, UCF, and the UCF Music Department. We love our alumni brothers, and we are very excited to share their experiences with you in the coming weeks.

We are very proud to share our first Alumni Spotlight, a name that is familiar to all brothers of Eta Sigma and anyone involved with Marching Knights in any way: Troy Driggers.
Troy was an incredible person whose time was cut shorter than anyone could have imagined. Without his efforts to help Jerry Gardner contact UCF students, the Marching Knights would likely not exist. Troy was the very first Drum Major of the Marching Knights, a founding brother of Eta Sigma, and one of the highest striving people in Central Florida. On August 5, 1982, Troy’s time with us came to an end; however, his spirit, personality, and legacy lives on every day through the Marching Knights and the brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi.

Thank you Troy Driggers.