Happy Eta Sigma Day!

Very rare is it that you find an organization that is not only dedicated to fulfilling its mission statement, but one that will actually create life long bonds and friendships. Here at the Eta Sigma chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi we do that and so much more. For 33 years the Brothers of the Eta Sigma chapter have been there to serve the bands. Through the hottest of days during band camp, to the torrential downpours common of Florida weather, we have been there to do what most would shy away from.

But our chapter didn’t just come about on its own. In fact, the creation of Eta Sigma came only 2 short years after the establishment of the Marching Knights in 1980, which in itself was a struggle to create. Out of the 125 Marching Knights, 10 bandsmen took an extra step and became the Alpha Class of the Kappa Kappa Psi – Eta Sigma chapter. The process of creating a chapter is not an easy one. With the help of our Big Brother chapter – Alpha Eta (University of Florida), Jerry Gardner – First Director of Bands and Eta Sigma’s first sponsor, and over a year of dedication and striving, the installation of our chapter was finally fulfilled.

33 years later we celebrate April 23rd not only as another year of service, but to recognize that since 1982 we have put through 48 classes of worthy band members; that within 5 years of our installation one of our members, G.R. Schaag, recreated our national flag to be what it is today; that our chapter alongside Tau Beta Sigma – Zeta Psi, hosts Florida day, a 3 day event to just enjoy the love that is in our bonds, every year; and to honor those who came before us. We would also like to give special recognition to Nathan A. Phillips who died during his process, and to Kristen Marie Sherman who has recently passed away.

April 23rd isn’t just another birthday for Eta Sigma, but at day of significance, remembrance, and honor.