Brother Spotlight: Kendall Montie

Name: Kendall Montie
Class: Delta Nu Alpha (Fall ’13)
Jersey Name: Perry
Jersey #: 80.59
Family: Psychobunny
Instruments: Trumpet, Mellophone, Cymbals
Major: Hospitality Management
Minor: Music
Interests: Percussion, Pokemon, Yoga Pants, Perry the Platypus, anything Disney, WGI Sport of the Arts, and genuine connections with people.

Why KKΨ: “Transition from high school to college, I knew I wanted to be heavily involved with the band program. It’s just what felt natural again to me. The connection I made with brothers before rush week was something genuine, and I knew I wanted to surround myself with those people constantly. Throughout my process and my time now as a brother, I am constantly validated in my choice, and honored to have been selected to serve.”

Favorite KKΨ memory: “No specific moment, I just love being able to say “who wants to go get lunch/dinner” and having a great group of people available.”

Advice you’d give to a New Brother or MC: “Spend your time as a brother building relationships. These are the friends and family members that will be here for you at your best and your worst times, and you will need to be there for them as well. Never take your brothers for granted.”