Brother Spotlight: Tyler Hadas

Name:Tyler David Hadas
Class: Delta Nu Alpha (Fall ’13)
Jersey Name: Garabato
Jersey Number: –
Family: Penguin
Instruments: Alto Sax, Steel Pan, Flag, Rifle, Sabre
Major: Studio Art BFA Printmaking
Interests: Printmaking, Art, Traveling, Water Activities, Yoga, Disney, Corgis
Favorite Band Memory: “When I went to the Fiesta Bowl two years ago, I didn’t march at all because I was an alternate for both pregame and halftime. However, the other team had to borrow our ladder for the game, so I had to run a 12 foot ladder from one side of the field to the other in less than a minute. But we won the Fiesta Bowl, and it was alright.”
Why KKΨ: “Kappa Kappa Psi was the first organization I was exposed to. Before I even got here, I got my section leader (Zach Mahoney) and he was in Psi. He told me more about it, and I really got to experience the service aspect when I got here when he let me stay for four or five days on his couch during band camp.”
Favorite KKΨ Memory: Retreat Fall ‘15
Favorite Planet: “Uranus because I did a project on it in middle school, and it’s just a really cool planet that gets made fun of because it has a funny name!!”
Fun fact: “My dog’s name is Jasper he’s a corgi, and I follow about 60 corgis on instagram”