Brother Spotlight: Alexa Blyth

Name: Alexa Jean Blyth
Class: Tau Beta Delta (Fall ‘14)
Jersey Name: Claudia
Jersey Number: 13
Family: Bears
Major: Electrical Engineering
Interests: Mustard, Aviators, Netflix, Wakeboarding/Other Boating Activities, My Dog, Penguins, Christmas
Favorite Band Memory: “Ah man. My favorite band memory… When we played the space show and we were running through a rehearsal of it, just as the song started it started to rain. At the time we had Dr. Tobias and he gave us the expression of, “just keep going.” We played through the whole show while it was pouring rain, and it was just that feeling you get when you hit that company front and you know that you did an awesome job (while it was raining). It was just an incredible feeling.”

Why KKΨ: “My first year here I noticed all the brothers doing things that I used to do in high school, and I realized that that was something I wanted to do. So the following fall I decided to rush, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made because not only do we do the things I love, but it’s also with the people I love.”

Favorite KKΨ Memory: “It was when I was going through my process and just the way we found out who our big sister was… It was a very exciting time for me.”

Favorite Type of Potato: Twice baked potato
Lame super power: Ability to conjure up puppies
Fun fact: “I’m the youngest of 6 kids in my family”