Brother Spotlight: Auree Postell

Active Brother Spotlight
Name: Auree Postell
Class: Tri-Chi (Fall ’15)
Jersey Name: Tru Tru
Jersey Number: 66
Family: Panther
Instruments: Percussion (Bass Drum and Triangle are the favs)
Major: Masters in Industrial Engineering
Minor: Mathematics
Interests: Creative Writing, Teaching, Videogames, Sports, Origami, Making something out of nothing, and mass producing happiness
Favorite Music Memory: “When I first made the drumline, because I almost nearly didn’t and was the last person to make it, but ever since that day I appreciated and carried a chip on my shoulder to always prove those right that believed in me and that moment was the start of a wonderful MK career that ends with me being drum captain four years later.”
Why KKΨ: “I waited until my graduating semester to join KKΨ and while it that was later than the norm, I was able to see a lot from the outside and I realized that I shared a lot of traits and qualities with the fraternity and would often find myself wanting to serve without having letters so I started to figure that KKΨ was a great fit for me.”
Favorite KKΨ Memory: “My process as a whole was a very crazy experience with me trying to graduate and all but my LBs and other brothers always offered the best support and a breathe of youthful air in a sometimes too serious world when I was stressing most. As I went through it all, I found myself only more affirmed that I was in the right place and people. ”
What is the most important thing you gained from your membership process?
“You don’t have to be recognized to make a difference, and that you can do anything with proper planning and an incontrovertible desire.”
What would you like to do professionally post university?
“My Dream is to be a Disney Imagineers and bring worlds to life to inspire and entertain the masses and then after those days are done, I want to become a professor as I love teaching and have seen the impact that it can truly have on a person.”