Brother Spotlight: Ryan Clark

Name: Ryan Clark
Class: XXX (Fall ’15)
Jersey Name: Perfekshun
Jersey Number: XII
Family: Pure Snake
Instruments: Trombone, Bass, Guitar
Major: Health Sciences Pre-Clinical
Minor: Music
Interests: Video Games, Trading Card Games, Tabletop Games, Helping People, Eating Tasty Food, Teaching, Conducting, Band, Pokémon, Metal Music, Going to Concerts, Anime.

Favorite Music Memory: “Playing Malagueña at a high school exhibition during the 2014 season of the Marching Knights. I was never able to be exposed to a college band while in high school and we had this gig where we played for about 15 high school bands. The look in our head drum majors eyes radiated pure passion throughout the band, and we got a standing ovation the first note of our closer! It was great being about to share music with high schoolers and push them to continue music in college.”

Why KKΨ: “I felt a need to help out in anyway possible, and KKΨ felt like the right fit for me. I got along with so many of the brothers and decided to come out and rush!”

Favorite KKΨ Memory: “Singing the hymn with brothers of Eta Sigma and the Pi chapter from Auburn over the grave of a founding father! It was one of the most powerful moments in my entire life, I was in tears by the end!”

What is the most important thing you gained from your membership process?
“A sense of independence. Being someone who always felt the need to anchor on others, I had to step up and prove to myself that I could handle the process along with a bunch of other stuff going on in my life, almost on my own, and I did!”

Favorite Bylaw:
“Uhh…Article III, Section 7. It tells me what my job is and I love my job!”